A Reason Why You Shouldn’t ‘Further’


I recently had a mind stimulating conversation with an unemployed non-jobseeker. Basically, he is unemployed at the moment as he is waiting to ‘further’, that is, pursue a Masters degree haven completed his NYSC.

Here is a key reason why you should not pursue a Masters Degree, yet:

You believe it will help you get your first post-NYSC job:

In simple terms, ‘No, a Masters Degree will NOT give you a better chance of landing your first/entry-level job’. At entry level, recruiters are looking to see that you have basic skills required to carry out certain functions. Do not put off your jobsearch for an entry level role to seek admission for a Masters degree program cos you believe it will give you a better chance (above other candidates) in securing your first graduate job, it won’t.

Perhaps, you should ask yourself these: how many recruitment exercise have you been unsuccessful at for your lack of a Masters degree (none?) or better still, how many entry level positions have you come across with a key requirement of a Masters degree?

Several ‘frustrated’ unemployed individuals out there have this notion that there are no jobs because they are deserving post-graduates without employment for several years and my reply is normally this – in addition to your degree, ‘what can you do’, ‘what are your skills’ – your skills and abilities bring you closer to employment than the possession of several degree certificates as recruiters/employers are looking for people that can actually get stuff done and this is measured mainly through the big S and A words; Skills and Abilities.

Dear jobseeker, are you employable

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