Diary of a Job Seeker


I was thinking of something different to reach out to job seekers and help with your job search as much as I can and an idea popped into my head – have jobseekers share their activities with others!

Diary of a Job Seeker
Are you a job seeker? Here is an opportunity to share your journey with other job seekers.
We’ll put together bits of your weekly job search activities for a feature on the Career Advice section of www.thekrine.com. You may also share as you want on the Diary of a Job Seeker thread to be started on Nairaland soon as we commence.

Few notes on what I’m looking for…
– Just like a diary, I’m interested in individuals that are brave, original and creative to share all the challenges of their job search.
– The challenges you face with not having good grades, or how hard it is to ‘fund your job search’ – funds to pay for your access to the internet, transport yourself to job interview etc (No pretense, I have been there and I know how tough it can be out there), the lows of not getting responses from your job applications to your experience at job interviews as well as how you’re coping with being unemployed.
– Information on the jobs you’re applying for, how you go about your job search etc..
Basically, sharing your job search activities and any other information related to your career as you wish.

Also, you can share at your own pace using a harshtag #thisjobthing on twitter, Instagram etc.

What are the benefits
– I think a key benefit is the opportunity to voice out your job search journey and have people read/support you through it
– A thorough CV review from me (all my reviews are usually thorough but we will go over together until I say – perfect!)
– Get advice and help with your job applications including advice on jobs to apply for, drafting of your covering letter and much more
– Get expert help with your interview preparation and a mock job interview with me (having interviewed hundreds of jobseekers for various job openings, you are surely in good hands)
– You’ll have access to me via phone, chat (whatsapp) so you can reach me easily with your job search questions
– A tiny monthly ‘gift’ from me to support your job search effort
– Basically, you will get support for the 10 week duration you keep and share your job seekers diary with us.

Who should apply?
– Only very serious minded job seekers will be considered.
– I am mostly interested in job seekers I believe find job search most challenging (new graduates, jobseekers with zero work experience, job seekers with 2:2, 3rd class and the like). However I may consider interesting applications from individuals that do not fall within this category.

How to get started?
Put together an interesting write-up about your career/job search + why your diary will be interesting, attach your CV and send to jobsearch@thekrine.com.

Please note only 4 individuals will be selected (for a maximum period of 10 weeks) but we can all be part of this by reading the weekly diary and also interacting via the harshtage #thisjobthing and the thread I’ll open specially for this on Nairaland.

Waiting to hear from you..

The Krine

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