Handling Discrimination at Work

Discrimination at work can come in many ugly forms ranging ethnicity, race, skin colour, gender, religion disability and many other forms. Top on this list in our society will bother on ethnicity, gender and religion and although there are laws that protect one from these issues, some even detailed about protection against discrimination at place of work, these issues still occur frequently.
no-discrimination-picture-Tech giant, Uber, is currently in the spotlight following a new report of discrimination and harassment suffered by an employee Susan J. Fowler and as is the case of Susan, you may find that seeking employment at an organisation with better values may be an effective tactic on handling and moving away from discrimination.

Moving to a new job should not be your only reaction to discrimination. There are several important actions that must be taken when you experience discrimination and the following are some tips on what you should do:

Notify someone (including HR)
Keeping silent is a common mistake made by individuals at the receiving end of discrimination. You should always let someone know that you are having issues of discrimination around the office. Issues of discrimination are always overlooked if the affected person refuses to make it know that they are indeed experiencing it and it is not welcomed and unacceptable. Sometimes, the discrimination may be from your supervisor, it is better to inform his supervisor of such conduct and register your discomfort with it. Since most organisations have a HR department dedicated to accepting complaint of discrimination and harassment, you should report such issues to the office of such individual.
You should request a formal/written acknowledgement for every time you make such complaint and demand that your allegations be investigated. Most companies have written acts or laws protecting against discrimination and harassment, you may refer your employer to such act for proper actions.

Keep a log of events
Keeping a log is very necessary with cases of discrimination. The log should be very detailed, not just stating the occurrence of such discrimination, but also including the manner of occurrence and the name of the offender. Include dates, approximate time, witnesses, offenders and manner of occurrence. If there are objects (evidence) left behind or gifted to you that expresses discrimination, keep them too.

Report to authorities
It is possible that your employer refuses to take action on issues of discrimination against you. It is advisable that you report such issues to dedicated authorities on discrimination within the locality of your workplace.

Retain an attorney
Discrimination if often emotional to the one being discriminated against. It is advisable to retain an attorney who specialise in employment laws or fields related to harassment and discrimination. Such an attorney can help you through the legal complexities of dealing with discrimination issues and serves as your right defender.


Have you experienced discrimination at work? We would love to hear how you handled it.

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