Job Interview Question & Tips: Why Do You Want to Work Here?

A question that frequently arises at a job interview is ‘Why do you want to work here?’

In order not to be mistaken, two aspects of the question must always be considered:
– Explain why you want to work in this company.
– Explain what motivates you for this type of job.

Here is some information to answer the question well, avoid common mistakes and succeed in seducing his future employer.

What does the interviewer expect?
When a recruiter or prospective employer asks this question, he aims to assess the following
– Your career goals and hence the opporunity that this presents for the job opening and the company to achieve them.
– He wants to make sure that you are truly motivated and interested in the position and the company.
– Your actual knowledge about the company and the particular job.
– Finally, he will try to understand which aspects and tasks interest you and motivate you most.

How to respond to this question:
Show that you know the company and the role you are being considered for. You will, therefore, need to do extensive research to obtain and provide information about:
• The reputation of the company and its executives
• The content of the work and the tasks to be carried out
• The most important successes achieved by the company
• The ideology and values of the company.
• The history and evolution of the company in recent years.

Things to avoid when responding to this question:
To seduce your future employer, do not fall into the most tempting and common pitfalls:
• A vague answer: If you have learned your lesson well and learned the right way, you will easily avoid this error. It is indeed necessary at all costs not to provide replies that can work for any company. You will have to stand out by citing specific features of this company that will not be interchangeable with any other.
• A false answer: If you do not know much about the company for which you are applying, it may seem like a good idea to give a vague answer than a false answer. Inventing stories about the company or the job simply highlighs an unpreparedness for the interview.

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