Skill Development: Team Work

Last week under the Skill Development feature, I did a post focusing on Communication Skill

Today, the focus of Skill Development is on Team Work Skill.

– What are the components of an effective Team?
– How can I be an effective team member?

It seems very basic doesn’t it…but the truth is that a lot of people lack Team Work skill. Unsurprisingly, your lack of team work skills may also prevent you from getting a job because some recruiters have included team work tests in their recruitment exercises. Perhaps you were able to hide your lack of Team Work skill during your interview but this lack will eventually reveal itself and have a negative effect on your career.

The beauty about people that have good Team Work skill is that they seem to get involved in every project. They have such a positive attitude to work and putting them in the team is a guarantee for results. (I am one of such people *wink*).

Team work —-> Team mates ——> YOU

What are the Components of Effective Team work?
Remember, a team is made up of 2 or more people – team mates. By describing the components of effective Team Work, we will be able to arrive at the basic skills and abilities each individual team mate must possess.

According to the The Team Building Directory for Team Work to be successful or effective, the following must be present:

– Everyone participates actively and positively in meetings and projects.
– Team goals are understood by everyone.
– Individual members have thought hard about creative solutions to the problem.
– Members are carefully listened to and receive thoughtful feedback.
– Everyone takes initiative to get things done.
– Each team mate trusts the judgement of the others.
– The team is willing to take risks.
– Everyone is supportive of the project and of others.
– There is plenty of communication between team members.
– Team decisions are made using organised, logical methods.
– Full team acceptance is expected as decisions are made.
– Dissenting opinions are recorded, and may be revisited if future situations dictate.
– Team goals are given realistic time frames.
– Everyone is focused on the ultimate goal of the project, while also digging into the underlying details.

How can I be an effective team member?
– Work for consensus on decisions
– Share openly and authentically with others regarding personal feelings, opinions, thoughts, and perceptions about problems and conditions
– Involve others in the decision-making process
– Trust, support, and have genuine concern for other team members
“Own” problems rather than blaming them on others
– When listening, attempt to hear and interpret communication from other’s points of view
– Influence others by involving them in the issue(s)
– Encourage the development of other team members
– Respect and be tolerant of individual differences
– Acknowledge and work through conflict openly
– Consider and use new ideas and suggestions from others
– Encourage feedback on own behaviour
– Understand and be committed to team objectives
– Do not engage in win/lose activities with other team members
Have skills in understanding what’s going on in the group

I advise you to visit and read more of their Team Building Articles

Working as part of a team is not easy for everyone. Some of us give the excuse that we prefer working alone because we are so excellent at what we do and team work slows us down. However, you hardly get to do a lot of things alone in the real world (you will never hear that the president has set up a committee (with only one member) to look into an issue etc. It’s always a team of 3 and above). 

Most times, the results of the work you do on your own are considered on a team level.

Are you a good team player? Could your poor Team Work skill be a reason why you are never chosen to handle some responsibilities? Could the poor quality of your Team Work skill be a reason why your career growth is slow?

Cooperate, don’t compete!!!

Now you know the essentials, start developing your Team Work skill today.

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