Social Media Habits That Could Cost You a New Job

You often hear of employees that have gotten fired because of what they said on Social Media and in some other cases what was said about them. But do you know that recruiters and potential employers also check you out on social media? Yes, they do!

Why should a recruiter check you out on social media? What exactly do the companies want to know about your private life activities before making a professional assessment of you? Simply put, they want to profile you based on what you post and how you behave on these sites, as these can create a first impression of the sort of person you might be.

For example, do you share insightful information? Do you have a sensible professional-looking photo? Are you well-connected in your field? Do you appear to be social and outgoing? Do you seem to be the sort of person who would fit in with the team at work they are considering hiring you for?

Here are a few that employers and recruiters will look for on your social media;

1. Communication capabilities:
It is difficult to determine the communication skills of a candidate by reading his CV. An online profile allows potential employers more opportunities to assess your communication skill; Do you communicate clearly? Do you do it effectively?
Tip: Be sure to use a variety of vocabulary and avoid mistakes in your comments and publications.

2. A profile that matches your CV
To increase your chances of being hired, make sure your profile confirms the skills that appear on your resume. Think about it, because employers will pay attention. Recruiters are also on the lookout for information that confirms your skills – a blog or a website. The profiles that stand out are those that highlight your core competencies. Tip: To convince potential employers, focus on your strengths.

3. A positive image
Employers are looking for a future collaborator; someone whose personality corresponds to the company’s culture and they want to assess this on your social media habits. Make sure your profile gives a good picture of you: refrain from posting negative comments, inappropriate photos or jokes of bad taste.
Social media like LinkedIn allows your colleagues, customers or former employers to recommend you. With this option, recruiters can get a more or less precise idea of how you work: this is what will interest them.
Tip: Request recommendations from your past and current colleagues

That said, there are also a few things that you should avoid doing or posting on your social media platforms;
1. Inappropriate photos; Remove photos that show you drunk or in an inappropriate, even indecent outfit.
2. Displaced comments; Silly, vulgar or downright racist commentary to be avoided.
3. A different CV profile; If your profile does not match your resume, the recruiter may feel you are not quite honest.
4. Lack of communication skills; Misleading publications and comments will be interpreted as a lack of communication skills. Pay attention to your language and your spelling, even on social media.
5. Negative comments on previous employers; Just as during a job interview, avoid negative comments about your previous employers. Recruiters are indeed likely to read them.

Run a personal assessment of yourself on social media. It’s never to late to make amends are  boost your possibility of impressing recruiters.

Best wishes!

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