The Professional Humanitarian (Part 1)

These are the thoughts that have made thousands of people all over the world consider careers in the field that affords them the opportunity to provide Humanitarian services. Putting the needs and happiness of others before yours is a blessed and very brave choice to make.
PHOTO: Rescue workers at the Dana Air plane crash site

It’s over 48hrs since the Dana Air plane crash and I’m still in shock. My heart still bleeds. On Sunday I cried for hours, waking up on Monday with swollen eyes and a headache.

If you have flown into Lagos before, you will understand my trauma. I keep playing up various scenarios which usually occur just before the plane lands;

– The sight of LAGOS, the rooftops, the tiny human figures going about their businesses
– The pilot announces ‘we have commenced descent into Lagos’, the sigh of relief you let out knowing you have passed the turbulence (whether strong or minor) encountered while up in the sky
– The sweet scent of perfume and powder that engulfs the air, brought about by some ladies doing that final makeup touchup with hopes to leave the plane looking pretty for their family and loved ones who have come to pick them
– The sight of other passengers reaching very quickly under their seats and into their pockets to have their mobile phones ready to switch on in at least 3 minutes time to make contact with loved ones
– The sight of the air-hostess making quick and final safety checks before landing

All these run through my mind over and over again and I find myself in tears. These passengers were just few minutes from the warm embrace and cheers of their loved ones.

I quickly imagine the pain they must have endured…and now I find myself in tears again.

I imagine the pain the families, friends, collegues etc of the deceased are going through;

 – The wife that was home so excited and waiting for the call from her husband that he had landed and was on his way home;
– The wife that had prepared dinner for her husband amidst beaming smiles from her kids;
– The brother that sat at the airport waiting for that call from his sister that she had landed and was waiting to collect her luggage;
– The husband that was glad his wife was a few minutes away from his embrace (if you have a dad like mine who insists on being there to get my mum from the airport every week on her return, you’ll understand this);

These thoughts….

I have had to sit through emotional and anger fueled ‘what if’, ‘why didn’t’, ‘who didn’t’ type discussions at work. Time after time, I walk away from these discussions to avoid the uncontrollable tears running down my face coming into notice of my colleagues.

For the rest of the week, I’ll be writing on Emergency Services and Armed Forces careers.

Recent events and occurrences in our beloved nation show that there is a serious gap and lack in the skill, manpower and know how in this sector.

Job roles that fall into the Emergency Services and Armed Forces career path include the following;

  • Firefighter
  • Paramedic
  • Emergency Planning and Management Officer
  • Police Officer
  • Incident Support Officer
  • Health and Safety Coordinator
  • Fire Risk Specialist
  • Health and Safety Advisor
  • Radiation Safety Officer
  • Compliance Manager
  • Bereavement Officer
  • Health and Safety Engineer

Are you interested in being a Professional Humanitarian or do you want to learn about the field? Please join me on this quest. Thanks.

Dedicated to the memory of those we’ve lost…

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