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On Tuesday, I did a post about Employability Skills  and just this morning I stormed on this article on Daily Mail which discussed a fall in quality of recruits – skills. I understand that the data for this analysis was not generated from Nigeria but I believe it is somewhat applicable to our society. Are you skilled enough?
Please continue to read the article (Curled from Daily Mail) . . .

One in three top companies can’t fill graduate vacancies: Too many leave university without the right skills, say bosses 
One in three top companies left graduate jobs unfilled last year amid complaints about the quality of recruits, a report warns today.Rising numbers of employers failed to meet recruitment targets, citing university-leavers’ skills as a problem.

The shortfall comes despite rising unemployment and the fact that it is estimated there are at least 48 applications per graduate vacancy. One graduate in six now obtains a first – double the figure from a decade ago – while almost half get a respectable 2:1.

But a study by the Association of Graduate Recruiters turns the spotlight on the quality of graduates entering the job market.
One accountancy employer has already been forced to downgrade some graduate positions to target school-leavers because they are deemed ‘stronger’.Click here to read full article

One thing that really drew my interest to this article is the emphasis on skills. If you follow my posts, you’ll notice I always  lay emphasis on skills. I have come to notice that most of us have this belief that as long as we have the right grades, we are automatically entitled to an employment letter.

It’s now clear that recruiters are asking other question besides possession of degree certificates. . .

– Do you know the skills you need for your career?
– What skills do you have?
– Why aren’t you developing these skills?

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