Yes! This is Your Dream Job

It is common to hear complains about the challenges of finding a job and we agree, job search can be daunting. Talking about a dream job takes the bar higher. In reality, there is no such thing as a perfect job for even the dream job is like a mountain range; lots of highs and a few lows –  but that makes the job more interesting.

love my job

Here then are a few clues to show you’re indeed on your dream job:

Mondays are not boring. Bring it on!
When you are in a job and you are glad to wake up on a Monday morning to join the rush and be at work, it’s a sign that you have landed your dream job. Waking up to something devoid of interest after two days at home can be quite challenging and is evident on our state of mind and body feel on a Monday morning.

 Is it already closing time?
Yeah! Time flies when the times are good. It is only when you are not happy doing your job that it seems to you that time is dragging by. When a colleague walks by your desk and asks “what are doing this weekend?” and you only then realize that it’s a Friday, it’s a sign that you are happy doing your work so much you lost track of the day of the week.

Oh! I’ve got great colleagues
It has to be! You can’t be around people that you are not comfortable with and expect to fit into your dream of a perfect job. A job where you think your peers are friendly leaves you being nothing but happy.
An unhealthy relationship with your colleagues, teammates or manager will translate to very poor work ethic review which will translate into frustration for you.

These days, money isn’t just a problem
Money may not be everything but it is really important to have it. What happiness can a job that can’t guarantee your financial stability possibly bring you? If you are constantly worried about financial issues here and there, then perhaps you need keep an eye on job ads and openings. However, don’t overdo it, keep your ‘wants’ within your reach. Anything too far off isn’t financial insecurity but personal greed.
Oh! And the bonuses come too.You can’t take away the perks from a dream job. A job without good remunerations and incentives is not appreciative enough of who you are and that can’t be your dream, can it? When the perks keep coming as at when deserving, then the job keeps you happy.

What job ads? When last did I read one?
So, you have a job and you’ve never thought of reading job ads and openings for yourself? How about a toast to that! When you constantly have issues about your job that have you thinking of changing jobs, you’re obviously not in your dream job. Call it a change of environment or whatever, no matter how many years down the lane, it’s just you managing the best part of your life so far on the way to the dreamland.

Routine or chores? I think it is fun
When work becomes just a routine, it’s far from making one happy. A dream job should be interesting with numerous opportunities to learn,  achieve goals (and fun to you). Anything away from this interprets to mean, ‘I’ve got applications to send for some new jobs’.

Remember, looking out for these tips should be within the domain of achieving your career goals within contentment and outside the realm of complacency. It is good to want more and take on more challenges but you should not let down your guard so that greed and an incurable dissatisfaction creeps in. Be careful not to grow too self-satisfied too, be opened to improvement and correction.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Yeah, nice write up….. some eye opener about greed there…. you might have your dream job, if you’re not contented, you’ll miss it.

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